Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)

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06.03.2015 | Events

Food systems resilience in theory and practice: Organic agriculture as a prototype?

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08.04.15 | Zurich, Switzerland

Public Lecture of the Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology

06.03.2015 | News

“We want to improve ‘R, D & D’ : the second D means delivery”

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interview with Camille Renou who coordinates the Syngenta Foundation's "Seeds2B" programme in West Africa that helps smallholder access better seeds

06.03.2015 | News

Swiss support for the development of organic agriculture in Albania

media release by FiBL about the launch - together with the Swiss Government - of a project supporting an Albanian organic certification body to offer professional inspection and certification services in order to facilitate access of small and medium enterprises to international markets

06.03.2015 | Jobs

Science Officer

International Potato Center (CIP), Lima, Peru. Deadline: 03.04.2015

06.03.2015 | Events

The Human Right to Science: New Directions for Human Rights in Science

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22.05.15 | Bern, Switzerland

international conference focusing on international seed policy, organised by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences focusing on international seed policy

06.03.2015 | Events

Shaping Tomorrow's Food System

19.03.15 | Zurich, Switzerland

final event of the Our Common Food Programme 2014-15, organised by Foodways Consulting and hosted by the ETH World Food System Center

06.03.2015 |

Kakaobäuerinnen und -bauern müssten viermal mehr verdienen

media release by Bern Declaration about the latest "cocoa barometer" report showing that the income of cocoa farmers is far below the official poverty line in spite of sustainability initiatives of cocoa companies


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